Using Reverb the Smartest Way Possible

In regards to using Reverb in your mixes, there is the average way of using it and then there is the smart way. Now I really don’t care how much reverb you are using or what brand you decide to use because It isn’t a subjective thing, I’m talking more about a technical one. If

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The First Hour of Your Mix is the MOST Important

What if I told you that 80% of your mix is going to come from the first hour? That’s the truth. The vast majority of your mixes overall sound and vibe will come from those first 60 minutes regardless of how much time you spend on the track. So regardless of how fast or slow

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create depth with eq

How You Can Create Depth in a Mix with Equalization

If you have been mixing for any length of time you’ve probably heard that there are three dimensions in music: width, height, and depth. If you can use up all 3 of these dimension than your songs will have clarity, depth and space in your mix. Width would be achieved by panning things left and

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Some Useful Tips on Gain Staging

In order to achieve a great tone, you need to maintain proper levels throughout your audio chain. This topic is truly important for musicians and engineers alike. I always make sure that I keep the levels in mind when I’m tracking as it does affect the sound. So let’s see how gain affects the sound…

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If You Love Audio, You Will Love This Site

What’s up everyone? I’ve been doing this audio thing for several years and a friend of mine convinced me to start writing about it because I had a lot to share.  So here I am. If you do have any questions or want some deeper explanations, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or even

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